Scubapro MK2 Evo R195 Review: Simple Design and Bullet Proof Reliability


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If you’re someone just starting out with scuba diving the Scubapro MK2 Evo R195 would make a great entry-level scuba regulator.

Its reputation for durability, reliability, and ease of maintenance makes it a great match for new scuba divers doing recreational diving.

It is no wonder why you will find it as the preferred training scuba regulator at many dive centers and resorts around the world.

In this review, we are going to take a closer look at what makes this regulator stand out from others on the market, as well as our thoughts and rating.


Our Score:

Overall Score
Design 7/10
Functionality 7/10
Durability 9/10
Price 9/10

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  • Attractive price point and easy to maintain
  • Time Tested Reliability  
  • Venturi switch to manage free flows
  • Unbalanced system
  • No Inhalation effort adjustments

Positioned at an affordable price pointe, the ScubaPro MK2 EVO R195 simple unbalanced design delivers bullet-proof reliability and great performance at recreational depths. A great choice for an entry-level regulator or perfect set for deco stages.

Scubapro MK2 EVO R195 Review: Video

Below is a quick video overview of the Regulator done by the guys over at

In the video, you can get a closer look at reg as well some of the key features which make it stand out from other regulators in its price range. 

Scubapro MK2 EVO R195: Key Features

Though and Reliable First Stage

The MK2 is Scubapro’s entry-level first stage regulator and has been around for decades. It is time tested to be reliable and tough. It features an unbalanced piston design which should mean increased breathing resistance at depth and low tank pressures. However, advancements over the years have made this hardly noticeable by divers at recreational diving depths.

Newly Redesigned R195 Second Stage

The Mk2 Evo is now paired with the new R195 Second Stage. The second stage is an updated version of the popular R190, but with modern features and materials. The R195 is also unbalanced and utilizes a standard downstream valve, and a much larger diaphragm, similarly to that of the R-190, which was popular for its reduce inhalation efforts

Venturi Vacuum Assist

It is also equipped with Scubapro’s Venturi Initiated Vacuum Assist (VIVA) System. In “Min” mode it helps prevent free flows on the surface, and in “Max” mode it delivers the best performance while diving.

Increased Freezing Resistance

The new upgrade in Scubapro’s XTIS system, which insolated the mechanical element from the cold, has given the first stage an increase freezing resistance by 50% over its predecessor. 

Scubapro MK2 EVO R195 Review:  Specs

1st Stage Type

Unbalanced Piston

High Pressure Ports


Low Pressure Ports


Environmentally Sealed

Second Stage Type


Adjustable Inhalation

Adjustable Venturi

Nitrox Compatible

Cold Water Rated

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Our Rating: Scubapro Mk2 Evo R195



Simple Unbalanced design increase reliability but sacrifices performance. 



Delvers great breathing at recreational depth., but may loses performance on deeper dives



Its durable construction and simple design make it easy to service and maintain



Competitively priced for the entry-level market. It deliver excellent value for the money. 

What We Like

Overall the feedback from divers who’ve used this regulator is quite positive. Many of them found the regulator the regulator to be very reliable and deliver great performance for its price point.

Although this regulator is unbalanced many divers report that they did not notice any difference in breathing even at the edge of recreational diving depths. And the Veturi switch does help manage free flows on the surface.

What We Don’t Like

There were no significant reviews of the regulator being used in cold water, so there was not much to report there. The Ideal use for this regulator would be in warm water at a depth no deeper and 130 feet.

Who Scuba Buy This Scubapro Regulator?

The MK2 EVO R195 regulator is clearly designed for new divers just starting out, as well as seasoned divers looking for an affordable regulator that is dependable. Its compact size and design also make it great for a pony bottle and for a designated travel regulator.


Overall Score

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you dive Nitrox with this Reg?

Is it available in DIN?

Does this come with an alternate air source?

The Bottom Line

The Bottom line is, The MK2 Evo R195 is the perfect regulator regulator if your a new diver, and the go-anywhere reg for veteran divers who like to keep their diving simple and fun. It also competitively priced at a point that will not break the bank.

Do you have any experience with the MK2 Evo R195, good or bad, please feel free to share in the comments below.

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