The Ultimate Dive Computer Comparison Chart

Below is a dive computer comparison chart to help you compare some of the best dive computers on the market today.  You can see how each dive computer stacks up against each other by comparison their most important features side by side.

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Find the right dive computer for your diving needs by checking out our top 10 list of the best dive computers on the market today.

Dive Computer

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MemoryFreedive ModeTrimixPC Interface CompatiblePrice

The Ultimate Dive Computer Comparison Chart 1
Cressi Leonardo
$WristSegmentNoNoYes No60 HoursNoNoUSBCheck Price
Mares Puck Pro Plus Black Dive Computer
Mares Puck Pro Plus
$WristSegmentNo2 MixesYesNo35 HoursNoNoUSB/BluetoothCheck Price
Suunto Zoop Dive Computer
Suunto Zoop Novo
$WristPartial Dot MatrixNoNoYesNo140 HoursNoNoUSBCheck Price
Mares Smart Dive Computer
Mares Smart

$Watch SegmentNo2 MixesYesNo36 HoursYesNoUSBCheck Price
Suunto Vyper Air Dive Computer White
Suunto Vyper Novo
$$WristPartial Dot MatrixYes3 MixesYesYes140 HoursYesNoUSBCheck Price
The Ultimate Dive Computer Comparison Chart 2
Suunto D4i Novo
$$WatchPartial Dot MatrixYesNoNo
No140 HoursYesNoUSBCheck Price
Aqua Lung i750TC dive computer
Aqua Lung i750TC
$$$WristColorYes3 MixesYesYes99 DivesYesNoUSB/BluetoothCheck Price
Oceanic Pro Plus X Dive Computer
Oceanic Pro Plus X
$$$ConsoleColorYes4 MixesRechargeable Yes99 DivesNoNoUSB/BluetoothCheck Price
Suunto Eon Steel Dive Computer Review
Suunto EON Steel
$$$WristColorYes10 MixesRechargeable Yes200 HoursYesYesUSB/BluetoothCheck Price
Scubapro G2 Dive Computer Review
Scubapro G2
$$$WristColorYes8 MixesRechargeable Yes38 HoursYesYesUSB/BluetoothCheck Price
Oceanic Geo 2.0 Dive Computer Watch
Oceanic Geo 2.0
$WatchSegmentNo2 MixesYesNo24 DivesYesNoUSBCheck Price
Aqua Lung i300C wirst Dive Computer
Aqua Lung i300C
$WristSegmentNo3 MixesYesNo24 DivesNoNoUSB/BluetoothCheck Price
Oceanic Pro Plus 3.0 Console Dive Computer
Oceanic Pro Plus 3.0
$$ConsoleSegmentYes3 MixesYesExternal24 DivesNoNoUSBCheck Price
Suunto Eon Core Dive Computer
Suunto Eon Core
$$$WristColorYes10 MixesRechargeable Yes200 HoursYesYesUSB/BluetoothCheck Price
Oceanic OCi Dive Computer Watch
Oceanic OCi
$$WatchPartial Dot MatrixYes4 MixesYesYes24 DivesYesNoUSBCheck Price
Mares Matrix Dive Computer Watch
Mares Matrix
$$WatchFull Dot MatrixNo2 MixesRechargeable Yes36 HoursNoNoUSBCheck Price
Mares Quad Air Dive Computer
Mares Quad Air
$$WristSegmentYes3 MixesYesNo100 HoursNoNoUSBCheck Price
Sherwood Sage Console Dive Computer
Sherwood Sage
$$$ConsoleColorYes3 MixesYesYes24 DivesNoNoUSB/BluetoothCheck Price
Cressi Giotto Wrist Dive Computer
Cressi Giotto
$WristSegmentNo2 MixesYesNo70 HoursNoNoUSBCheck Price
Shearwater Research Perdix AI Dive Computer
Shearwater Research Perdix AI
$$$WristColorYes5 MixesYesYes1000 HoursNoYesUSB/BluetoothCheck Price
Suunto D6i Novo Zulu Watch Size Dive Computer
Suunto D6i Novo Zulu
$$$WatchPartial Dot MatrixYes3 MixesNoYes140 HoursYesNoUSBCheck Price
Sherwood Amphos Air Watch Dive Computer
Sherwood Amphos
$$WatchSegmentYes2 MixesYesNo24 DivesYesNoUSBCheck Price
Aqua Lung i100 Wrist Dive Computer
Aqua Lung i100
$WristSegmentNo2 MixesYesNo24 DivesYesNoUSBCheck Price
Scuba Pro Aladin Sport Matrix Dive Computer
ScubaPro Aladin SPORT Matrix
$$WristPartial Dot MatrixNo3 MixesYesYes25 HoursYesNoUSB/BluetoothCheck Price
Aqua Lung i200 Watch-Size Dive Computer
Aqua Lung i200
$WatchSegmentNo2 MixesYesNo24 DivesYesNoUSBCheck Price
Sewater Teric Watch Size Dive Computer
Shearwater Teric
$$$WatchColorYes5 MixesRechargeable Yes500 HoursYesYesBluetoothCheck Price
Cressi Newton Dive Computer
Cressi Newton
$WatchSegmentNo2 MixesYesNo70 HoursNoNoUSBCheck Price

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