Suunto Vyper Novo Review: A Robust Dive Computer Great For Advanced Diving


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The Suunto Vyper Novo is the next generation of the popular Suunto Vyper line and is a great dive computer for intermediate divers who have graduated from the Suunto Zoop and need more advanced features.

Unlike the original Vyper and the Zoop, the Vyper Novo boasts air integration, 3 gas mixes, and free dive modes, with a display and interface that will be familiar to the many divers that have used either device in the past.

Suunto has cleverly designed the Vyper Novo to appeal to less-experienced divers who want to do more, learn more, and try more than they have in the past. They haven’t bogged down the Vyper Novo with too many options and too many features, but have instead created a simple, affordable path for competent divers to expand their skills.

Whether a diver wants to stick with no-stop dives and add a reliable compass, or grow as a freediver with an onboard apnea timer, or develop their technical skills with gas switching and nitrox, the Vyper Novo makes it simple.

Manufacturer: Suunto

Overall Score:



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  • Easy-to-read display
  • Ability to choose two different algorithms to adjust conservatism
  • Simple menu navigation

The Suunto Vyper Novo offers a range of advanced dive computer features and capabilities in a streamlined, compact wrist-mounted computer. The display is easy to read and the rugged design is durable, and it’s a great mid-level dive computer. A great choice for intermediate divers who needs more advanced features than an entry-level dive computer can offer.

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Suunto Vyper Novo Review: Video

Below is a video overview of the Suunto Vyer Novo by the guys over at In the video, you can get a closer look at some of the features and functions of the dive computer.

Suunto Vyper Novo Key Features:

5 Dive Modes (Air Nitrox and Gauge)

What makes this dive computer so versatile is its ability to switch between 5 different dive modes. You can easily switch mode to the type of diving you are planning on doing.

  • Air Mode – This mode is used when diving with standard air only
  • Nitrox Mode – This mode is used when diving with oxygen-enriched dive mixtures and has the ability to switch between 3 gases on the dive.
  • Gauge Mode – In this mode the dive computer can be used as a bottom timer. It will not make any decompression calculations, therefore, will not show any warnings or alarms.
  • Free Mode – This mode is used when freediving and comes complete with all the features a serious apnea diver will need.
  • Off Mode – In this mode, the dive computer will not make any decompression calculations or in-water time information.


Suunto Vyper Novo with scuba diver girl

Optional Air Integration 

No more chasing around hoses and consoles underwater to find out your current tank pressure. The optional wireless air integration gives you the benefit of having your tank pressure right on your wrist along with your current airtime remaining and other crucial dive information.

It can also read information from three transmitters throughout the dive, allowing you to use 3 possible gas mixes. This feature can also be used to check your dive buddy’s air supply when diving with a student diver or a junior diver.

Suunto Vyper Novo Review: A Robust Dive Computer Great For Advanced Diving 2

Easy-to-Read Display

The Suunto Novo Vyper Novo is very easy to read and the layout makes digesting your most important dive data at a glance.

The center of the screen is full dot-matrix which allows you to read the most important dive information very clearly.  It also displays the integrated 3D compass making your heading, bearing markers, and cardinal direction easy to read as if you were looking at a real compass.

There are also bar graphs that show your current tank pressure and ascent rate. This is great if you prefer a graphical representation instead of just numbers.

Suunto Vyper Novo Graphine with Regulator

RGBM Algorithm With More Liberal Option

The Vyper Air uses Suunto’s RGBM (Reduced Gradient Bubble Model) algorithm developed by Dr. Bruce R. Wienke, based on both diving and laboratory tests as well as data from DAN.  The Algorithm takes into account both dissolved and free gases in your tissues and blood, the result is a greater margin of safety for divers.

The Deep Stop feature incorporated in the algorithm allows the Vyper air to calculate continuous decompression for excellent ascent time. If you are planning on diving deep, the deep-stop option adds further protection with a series of deep stops between your maximum depth and ceiling.

In the Suunto Vyper Air, there is also the ability to set the RGBM Algorithm to become more Liberal. If you are an experienced diver you can set the RGBM from 100% to 50%, however, you should only do this if you’re willing to take the added risk this might cause to your health and well-being while diving.

You can also choose from three altitude adjustments, as well as three personal adjustments setting to make the computer more conservative for added safety.

Also induced is a dive simulator that allows you to run through actual dive profiles, in either air or nitrox, without even putting a foot in the water.

Suunto Vyper Novo with Fins

Gas Switch Between Up To Three Mixes

Optional air integration and support for up to three transmitters for multi-gas diving allows the Vyper Novo to grow with divers as they sharpen their skills and become more advanced.


Suunto Vyper Air Compass

Integrated Electronic Compass

The integrated electronic 3D compass makes navigation a piece of cake. The compass is displayed in the middle of the screen as a graphical representation of a compass rose to make reading directions as simple as reading a real compass.

Apnea Timer

The Vyper Novo is a great computer for freedivers, with an innovative apnea timer that helps train more effective breathing techniques, with adjustable ventilation times, increment times, and number of intervals. 

Suunto Vyper Novo Review: Specs 

Computer Type


Display Type

Partial Dot Matrix

Air integration

Nitrox Compatible

Gas Switching

3 Mixes

PC Interface Compatible

USB Cable

Integrated Compass

User Changeable Batteries

Free Dive Mode

Trimix Mode

Rebreather  Mode

Our Rating: Suunto Vyper Novo Review

How does it Stack up?

Design: 8

Intuitive menu and easy to read display makes the Vyper Novo easy to program and operate. However, it not small enough to wear as a watch.  

Functionality: 9 

Excellent features for advanced recreational divers, it may be the only dive computer they will ever need. It doesn't have all the features that tech divers are looking for.

Ease-of-use: 10

The four-button operation is easy to use even with gloves, and operation is simple and intuitive.

Price: 8

Some people find it a bit too expensive, but the mid-range price is perfect for advanced beginners and the Vyper Novo has all the features many divers will ever really need.

What We Like

The Vyper Novo is a great next chapter for the original Vyper and we like that its a natural progression from the Suunto Zoop.  If you’re familiar with the Zoop interface you should be able to operate this computer without reading the manual.   However, if you’re new to the interface you will find it quite intuitive and easy to grasp its main operation in a few minutes.

We like the bright large character on the screen that makes the display easy to read. The full dot-matrix display also allows the computer to spell out entire words instead of using tricky abbreviations.

A full dot-matrix display also allows the computer to display a true reading 3d compass instead of just degrees. Having an integrated compass that works, also means that there is less to strap on to your risk. This helps to keep you more streamlined underwater and shorten your pre-dive preparation by eliminating the use of a bulky analog compass. 

Overall, the Suunto Novo Zoop offers great functionality for the money and is a computer that can accompany you no matter where diving takes you.


What We Don’t Like

It’s definitely a wrist dive computer and is too large and bulky to wear regularly as a watch unlike many other popular dive computers from Suunto like the  D4i Novo and D6i Novo. 

Although it is equipped with gas switching capabilities, it lacks the depth capabilities and features for more technical diving like Trimix. However, this is not what the computer is designed for. It’s designed for you to get the most out of recreational diving.


Overall Score


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Should You Buy The Suunto Vyper Novo Dive Computer?

The Vyper Novo is the ideal dive computer for divers who started with the Suunto Zoop and want to add more features within the familiar interface.

It offers more advanced capabilities at a price point that is also perfect for more experienced recreational divers who want to explore more advanced diving or freediving without spending a fortune on gear.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the battery last?

What type of batteries does it use?

Is it Compatible With The Suunto LED transmitter?

The Bottom Line

The Suunto Vyper Novo doesn’t offer all of the advanced capabilities of other dive computers aimed at technical divers, but that isn’t who it’s made for. It’s made for divers who want to know more, grow more, and improve their dives without spending a fortune on gear.

It’s an excellent mid-capability dive computer for people who have advanced from beginner status but don’t want or need to invest in a highly technical computer. It’s highly recommended for advanced beginners.

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