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Updated: April 13, 2020

Carrying around all that heavy diving equipment can be a pain. You’re already paying higher than average rates to travel; now, you have to pay even more since airlines are increasing weight restrictions and adding insane surcharges.

You try everything to get your dive equipment light and compact when traveling, and finally dive manufacturers are keeping pace.

They’re now making much lighter and compact dive equipment especially targeting the traveling diver, and one of the main places they looked at was the Scuba Regulator.

But, with so many regulators to choose from, what is the best travel regulator?

The Best Travel Scuba Regulators

Comparison Table: Best Travel Regulators

Choose your
Scuba Regulator

Cressi Compact Pro MC9 SC Dive Regulator


Compact Pro MC9SC

Scubapro MK11 C370


MK11 C370

Price Range







27.2 oz Yoke

26 oz. DIN
31 oz. Yoke

20.8 oz. DIN
25 oz. Yoke

33.2 oz. Yoke

22.09 oz. DIN
30.07 oz oz. Yoke

First Stage







All Titanium

Marine Brass, Bright Chrome Plating

Stylized sheath over brass

Chromed Brass, Techno-Polymer Elastomer Shell

Chrome-Plated Brass








Second Stage






Adjustable Inhalation

Venturi Switch


Still Looking For The Right Scuba Regulator?

Find the best scuba regulator for your next dive trip by checking out our list of the top 10 Scuba Regulators available on the market today. 

What To Look For In the Best Travel Regulator?

Many divers say that the best travel scuba regulator is the one you’ve got now. While I don’t disagree with that, there are a few characteristics to look for when selecting the one that you will use specifically for traveling.

Weight and Size

Now that airlines are decreasing the weight of carry-ons and charging even more for checked luggage, weight and size have become a significant factor for the traveling diver. To cut down on your overall travel cost, you need a regulator that is both lightweight and compact.

As a result,  many manufacturers are designing models that are made from a wide range of composite materials to make them both lightweight and very compact.

However, one of the major disadvantages to this is that they usually are not rated for diving in water colder than 50ºF (10ºC). The reason for this is because the composite materials used do not have excellent terminal conductivity allowing the first stage to freeze up in these conditions.

The more expensive titanium regulators also make an excellent choice for traveling.  Out of all the metals used to manufacture scuba regulators, Titanium is by far the lightest.  You can expect the same or better level performance from titanium regulators as you would from its brass counterpart,  but in a much lighter package.

Corrosion Resistance

Unfortunately, some of the most exotic diving in the world is often found in some of the most remote places. Places where you might not be able to rinse your regulator for days on end properly.

Some of the same composite materials that are used to make a travel regulator lighter, such as polymers, also assist in making them corrosion resistant.

Titanium also has the best corrosion resistance properties than any metal used from manufacturing regulators, and an all-titanium regulator would be an excellent choice for diving in these types of conditions.

However, due to the high cost of Titanium, many regulators manufacturers only use titanium components to help keep the value of the regulator at an affordable price.

Reliability and Durability

Let face it; when traveling, you are not going to be in places where proper servicing is going to be readily available if your regulator malfunctions.

You want to have a regulator that is both reliable and durable. Many travel regulators have longer servicing intervals, especially those made from Titanium.

It is always a great idea to have your regulator looked at and tuned by a certified service professional before starting your trip.

Quick tips to travel lighter with your regulator

  • Use plastic second stages, the first stage will always be metal (or metal-based), but you can save some weight by using only plastic second stages.
  • The new breaded hoses are much lighter than traditional regulator hoses and can be coiled tighter without kinking, saving you valuable space as well.
  • Find out in advance whether or not your dive destination uses DIN or Yoke system, this way you can avoid bringing along a DIN to Yoke Converter.

The Best Travel Regulator Reviewed

Any of the 3 regulators would make a great buy and a perfect travel companion for your next dive adventure. The one you choose will basically be determined by your personal preference and budget. You can get a top of the line regulator if you are willing to spend a little bit more, but there are very good regulators at every price range.

Atomic T3 Regulator

Atomic T3

These are exciting . Once you get over the shock that you have just spent almost 2G on a reg set you'll probably have sleepless nights waiting for this to arrive. When it does, sit down and savor the moment. You have entered the zone of diving madness. These are crazy cool ! Not much to look at for the price, but well worth it. Lightweight, non-corrosive, dry breathing, funky swivel port configuration, single air control knob, yeah you get the idea, Go for it....

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  • An all titanium diving regulator makes for a lightweight and dependable system that is great for traveling
  • A complete balanced system delivers excellent breathing performance at any depth 
  • Extremely durable with low maintenance requirements
  • Priced on the high end, this is not a cheap regulator

0The Atomic Aquatic T3 is the ultimate travel and all-around regulator. It’s all titanium construction makes this regulator completely corrosion-resistant, lightweight, durable, and virtually indestructible. Weighing in at under 2 lbs, it is one of the best regulators that money can buy.

It utilizes a balanced piston first stage to deliver constant airflow at any depth or tank pressure. It has two high-pressure ports on either side of the first-stage and five low-pressure ports on a swiveling turret for optimum hose routing and customization. The first stage is also sealed, which makes it ideal for cold water diving conditions.

The second stage is also balanced and packed full of proprietary features. All of the internal components are made from titanium so you can rest assured that it will always deliver the best performance, time after time.

It features an automatic Venturi system that adjusts itself as you go deeper underwater. It also has a user-adjustable inhalation knob for the rear chance that you need to detune the regulator. A unique feature of the second state is that it also has a swivel (also made of titanium) which significantly reduce jaw feature.

The Atomic T3 is Nitrox compatible right out of the box, and you don’t need to take it in every year for service because it has a three year 300 diver service interval.

One of the only drawbacks to this regulator is its high cost. Still, if money is no object, then you simply cannot go wrong with this regulator as a travel regulator or any type of regulator for that matter.

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Aqua Lung Mikron Travel Scuba Regulator

Aqua Lung Mikron

love this regulator. bought this before a week trip to Fiji. breath flow is super smooth and it feels nice and light but sturdy. the flex hose is excellent. i previously had a swivel end on another regulator. i don't miss it all with this flex hose, it's awesome.

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  • Compact over balanced diaphragm first stage and  pneumatically balanced second stage makes for great breathing performance
  • Environmentally sealed construction
  • Auto-Closure Devise keeps corrosive water out of the first stage
  • Not Ideal for cold water diving
  • Some diver find that the mouth piece triggers the gag reflex 

The Mikron is the most compact and lightest regulator in the Aqua Lung line of regulators. It weighs in at a combined weight of 26 oz in the DIN and 31oz in Yoke, and it is the perfect companion for the traveling diver.

Aqua Lung did not sacrifice any performance while designing an extremely compact and lightweight regulator. It’s balanced diaphragm first stage and second stage ensure exceptional breathing performance.

They were also still able to fit two high-pressure ports and four low-pressure ports on this very compact first stage, which is more than enough port for you to customize your regulator setup.

The second stage is also tiny as well, comfortable fitting into the palm of your hand. It also has a user-adjustable inhalation knob, which in the “Min” positions help prevents free-flows on the surface, and in the “Max” Position delivers optimum performance.

It is also available in a women version which is black/pink. It features a smaller comfo-bite mouthpiece designed for smaller mouths, and the silicone brace that fits across the upper palate is now detachable.

Best Travel Regulator Reviewed 2

Apex Flight

I have had this as my travel regulator for a few months now and this is one of the regulators that comes in PINK!! Yaaay. I can now match this with my other stuff.

View Product on Recommended Retailers Site:

  • Environmentally Sealed First Stage
  • Metal second stage
  • Affordable Price Point
  • Unbalanced second stage
  • No diver Adjustments

Apeks Claim by choosing composite materials for both strength and lightweight, they were able to create the lightest scuba regulator in the world. Geared specifically for the traveling diver, it is very compact, durable, and lightweight, weighing in at a combined weight of only 20.8oz. DIN and 25.0 oz Yoke, including the hose.

Despite its compact size, its breathing performance is exceptional. It features a balanced diaphragm first stage with two high pressure and four low-pressure ports for optimum hose routing, as well as a balanced second stage with a Venturi Switch.

The second stage is very compact and neutrally buoyant underwater, which helps reduce jaw fatigue. Although it is very compact, it still channels your exhaust bubbles to the sides of your face and not in your direct line of view. It also utilizes a balanced system that makes breathing smooth and effortless.

It is compatible to 40% Nitrox right out of the box, so there is no need to get a Nitrox kit. The only drawback to this regulator system is the lack of thermal conductivity from the composite materials. Because of this, it is not recommended for diving in the water below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cressi Compact Pro MC9 SC Dive Regulator

Cressi Compact Pro  MC9 SC

I'm a Cressi fan all the way, tried many others to be sure, but came back and and purchased this regulator for it's Lightweight, durability and ease of use.

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  • Hyperbalanced diaphragm First Stage delivers better performance the deeper you go. 
  • Diver Adjustable Setting
  • Large soft purge cover
  • Unbalanced Second Sage
  • No Inhalation Effort Knob 
  • The ports are a little bit close

The Cressi Compact Pro MC9 SC packs maximum performance in a compact, lightweight package making it one of the premier travel regulators. 

The MC9 SC first stage has a very compact design and is covered by and protective techno-polymer elastomer shell to prevent dings and scratches.  It also features two high-pressure ports on either side and four low-pressure ports, two on each side. It’s also fully environmentally sealed, making it cold water rated.

As the name implies, the Compact Pro second stage is quite compact and lightweight, making it ideal for traveling. The house features a very durable plastic housing as well as a Venturi-switch to control free flows and assist with breathing performance at depths. It also has an easy to push purge-button, even while wearing thick gloves. 

The bottom line is the Cressi Compact Pro MC9 SC is a well-rounded travel regulator that is also cold water rated, so you can also use it at home in more frigid waters. 

Best Travel Regulator Reviewed 3

Scubapro MK11 C370

I found the set up lightweight which is nice for travel. It breathes easily... Overall I think its a nice regulator.

View Product on Recommended Retailers Site:

  • Compact and lightweight system, great for the traveling diver
  • A fully balanced system delivers excellent breathing performance
  • Rugged Fiberglass-Reinforced Nylon Casing increases durability 
  • Not Ideal for cold water diving

The new Scubapro Mk11 C370 is designed to be a more high-end travel regulator that delivers better performance than its predecessors. It features a light, compact, and fully balanced design that offers smooth breathing at any depth and easy to pack in your traveling bag.

The Mk11 first stage uses a balanced diaphragm design that delivers constant effortless breathing regardless of the tank pressure, depth, or your rate of breathing. It features two high-pressure ports on either side, as well as four low-pressure ports to optimize hose routing options. Weighing only 24.4oz in yoke configuration and 16.6oz in DIN, it is one of the lightest first stage available on the market today.

The new C370 has also been redesigned for better performance and now includes a balanced valve system and new exhaust tee to reduce the work of breathing.  An easy to use venturi switch and diver inhalation adjustment allows you to fine-tune your breathing and allows the regulator to adapt to most dive conditions.

The Bottom line is the MK11 C370 ideal regulator system for traveling divers, or anyone looking for high performance at a mid-tier price.

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