Zeagle Stiletto Review: A Rugged Travel And Local Diving BCD


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If you’re looking for a BCD that great for diving in both warm and temperate water, while still being lightweight enough to be used as a travel BCD then you should definalty consider the Zeagle Stiletto BCD. 

It also provides a good deal of lift and can also hold more than enough weight in an easy to operate releasable weight system.

In this review, you will find out why the Zeagle Stiletto is considered to be one of the best BCD you can buy today, what we like, don’t like, and our final rating. 

Let dive in… 

Manufacturer: Zeagle

Overall Score:



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  • Comfortable fit with plenty of padding
  • Durable and lightweight, great for traveling 
  • Ripcord system simultaneously dumping both weight pocket 
  •  Trim pockets are also dumpable 
  • Ripcord weight system can be a hinderance  
  • Weight bags not included


The Zeagle Stiletto is a great mid-to-high-end BCD that’s great for both warm and temperate diving. Although it does not have all the features for more technical diving it still has more than significant lift and weight capacity for recreational diving. While it’s designed to be rugged, it is still lightweight and packs easily for traveling. This is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a BCD that’s great for both travel and local diving. 

Zeagle Stiletto BCD Review: Video

Zeagle Stilleto Review: Key Features and Benefits

Durable and Lightweight

The Stiletto is very durable and its bladder is equipped with reinforced 1000 denier material. This gives it extra protection against abrasion or punctures. It’s also very lightweight, having a dry weight of only 7.4lbs. It dries quickly and a softback allows it to pack easily for traveling. 

Excellent Lift and Weight Capacity

The Zeagle Stiletto features a 35lbs. lift capacity with an elastic bladder retracting system that compresses the bladder when empty to help the BC maintain a low profile.  The Ripcord Weight Release System easily releases your weights with one simple pull and has a weight capacity of 24lbs., plus an additional 16lbs trim pockets on the rear. 

Superb Buoyancy Control 

The Zeagle Bx Power Inflator is well placed within reach, super easy to use, and allows for the inflation of the air bladder in mere seconds. To further fine-tune your buoyancy, the Zeagle Stiletto BCD has 3 over-pressure and relief dump valves strategically placed for easy deflation.

Customizable Fit and Comfort

The BCD is fully adjustable, you can easily personalize your fit at the shoulder, chest, and cummerbund. There is sufficient padding throughout the BCD for a comfortable fit. As well as, an elastic cummerbund that automatically adjusts to your depth. 

Plenty of Storage for Accessories

Two adequate sized and easily accessible zippered pockets provide plenty of storage for SMB’s and other devices. Also, five well placed stainless steel D-rings is more than enough to hang all your dive accessories. 

Zeagle Stiletto BCD: Specs

BCD Type

Back- Inflated

Lift Capacity

35 lbs.

Weight Integrated


Weight Capacity

24 lbs. - Ripcord System

Trim Pockets

16 lbs.

Dump Valves


Number of Pockets

2 - Zipper Closure 

Number Of D-rings


Our Rating: Zeagle Stiletto BCD Review

How does it Stack up?

Design: 9

The Zeagle Stiletto BCD is made to be super tough yet lightweight enough to compete with other travel BCDs.

Functionality: 10 

It offer a great deal of lift and weight capacity. The inflator system is very user friendly and dump valves are well placed for best performance.

Comfort: 10

Thanks to the fully adjustable straps, the ergonomic nature, and the lightweight design of it, the Zeagle Stiletto BCD gets a perfect rating for comfort.

Price: 9

The Zeagle Stiletto BCD comes in at a very reasonable price, maybe just a bit expensive, but not overly so. It offer great value for the price.

What We Like

The Zeagle Stiletto is packed full of great features making it the envy of any serious scuba divers. But, what we like the most is that the BCD is well built and doesn’t feel cheap to the touch. It will hold up for a long time with a lot of abuse.  If you take care of it properly, it should last forever.

Another plus for us is, while being rugged, it is still very lightweight, and because it’s a softback BCD it’s also easy to pack which makes it great for traveling. It also dries very quickly when the bladder is fully inflated. 

There is padding everywhere for a lot of comforts, it’s a good fit with great lumbar support. 

An awesome trick of the Stiletto is that the inflater system is easily detachable. This makes it easy to clean the inflater system separately. It’s also an easy way to get fresh water inside the bladder to flush it out. 

There are also two dump valves, one on either side of the bladder. So, no matter which side you try to reach there will always be a dump valve. 

We also liked that the Ripcord System makes it easy to dump both weight pockets at the same time. This frees up a hand and saves valuable time in an emergency. What’s also neat, is that the trim weights can also be dumped, a feature we would like to see on more BCDs. 

What We Don’t Like

Although the Zeagle Stiletto is a rock-solid BCD there a few minor grievances we have against it.  Like the fact that the weight bags don’t come with the BCD and must be purchased separately. You can put your weights directly into the weight pockets, but the bags will keep your weights more secure and prevent damage to your BCD if you’re using hard weights. 

 The Ripcord weight system can also be a hindrance. In the event, you need to hand off your weights to someone, you will have to reach to the back for the weight pockets, open the zipper, then reach for the weight bags to hand them off. In this scenario, a  sure-lock weight system would be much easier and can be done single-handed.

Who Should Buy The Zeagle Stilleto BCD?

The Zeagle Stiletto BCD is designed primarily for warm water diving, but it does produce enough lift and have enough weight-bearing capacity to make it work for temperate water diving as well.

Furthermore, the price of this BC is in the middle when compared to other BCDs, so it’s a good option if you don’t need the fanciest and most expensive unit. Moreover, it’s also made for people who need something durable and rugged, yet also fairly lightweight and portable too.

Overall Score


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Zeagle Stiletto: FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of weights should I use?

Is the Zeagle Stiletto BCD inherently buoyant?

Is the size customizable?

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is, the Zeagle Stiletto BCD is an ideal BCD to go with if you’re looking to explore temperate and warm waters of a shallow and medium depth. It’s a fairly affordable unit and features a super comfortable, durable, and user-friendly design, much better than we would usually expect for this price. An easy recommendation if you’re looking for a BCD to dive locally, yet lightweight enough for travel. 

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