Zeagle Ranger LTD BCD Review: A Solid Technical and Recreational BCD


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This is a heavy-duty unit designed to withstand a whole lot of wear and tear. It’s made with some of the toughest materials around and can be used for both warm and cold water diving, as well as for deep and shallow diving too.

It features a high-quality ballistic bladder that can produce up to 44 pounds of lift, plus it can accommodate up to 30 pounds of releasable weight.
This is also a customizable unit with the ability to swap various components for different ones, and it can even accommodate 2 air tanks as well.

The Zeagle Ranger LTD BCD is a unit designed for professional divers in need of the highest quality, a user-friendly design, and a high level of comfort. It also comes with a plethora of rings, pockets, and straps for all kinds of extras and accessories.

Manufacturer: Zeagle

Overall Score:



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  • Comfortable fit with plenty of padding
  • Durable and lightweight, great for traveling 
  • Ripcord system simultaneously dumping both weight pocket 
  •  Trim pockets are also dumpable 
  • Ripcord weight system can be a hinderance  
  • Weight bags not included


The Zeagle Ranger LTD BCD is a very high-end scuba diving buoyancy control device. This is a very nice jacket/vest style CBD that features up to 44 pounds of lift via rear inflation.  It comes with a nearly bulletproof design, easy shoulder located valves, pull cords for quick dumping, and much more. This is a relatively new model that also has quite a steep price tag, but it’s also a quality unit that should serve well no matter the type of diving.

Zeagle Ranger LTD BCD Review: Video

Zeagle Ranger LTD Review: Key Features and Benefits

Tuff as Nails

One of the biggest standout features of the Zeagle Ranger LTD BCD is the fact that it is made with heavily reinforced 1050 denier ballistic nylon; in other words, it is about as tough as it gets, and it can withstand a ridiculous amount of punishment.  Simply put, it’s one of the toughest and most durable BCDs on the market right now. It’s resistant to puncturing, tearing, abrasion, chemicals, and UV light alike.

User-Friendly Controls

Something else which stands out about the Zeagle Ranger LTD is how user-friendly it is. It comes with the Zeagle Bx Power Inflator located on the right shoulder. It features 2 lower rear relief/pull dump valves for easy inflation and deflation. Simply press the button to inflate the air pouches and pull the dump cords for fast deflation. The overpressure release valve is of course an important addition as well.

Excellent Lift and Weight Capacity 

All in all, the Zeagle Ranger LTD BCD can provide up to 44 pounds of lift. Furthermore, in terms of weights, the Zeagle Ranger LTD features 30 pounds of releasable weight and 16 pounds of trim weight. As you can see, whether you need something to help you sink, to help you float, or for both, this unit has you covered on all fronts.

Modular Cutomization

What can also be said about the Zeagle Ranger LTD is that it’s highly versatile, as various components can be switched out and customized based on the diver’s needs.

Comfortable Adjustable Fit

Also, this unit comes with a highly adjustable waist, shoulder, and chest straps to achieve a snug yet comfortable fit. What’s really cool is that this particular model can accommodate single or twin tanks, plus it comes with a ton of rings for accessory attachment.

Zeagle Ranger LTD BCD: Specs

BCD Type

Back- Inflated

Lift Capacity

44 lbs.

Weight Integrated


Weight Capacity

36 lbs. - Ripcord System

Trim Pockets

Yes, 20 lbs.

Dump Valves

2 Over Pressure Relief/Dump Valves

Number of Pockets

Yes, 2-Zippered Utility

Number Of D-rings

6 Stainless Steel 

Our Rating: Zeagle Ranger LTD BCD Review

Design: 9

Simply put, due to the materials and components used in the construction of the Zeagle Ranger LTD BCD, it’s one tough customer.

Functionality: 10 

Due to both the location and quality of the inflation and air release components, as well as the high level of adjustability and customizability, the Zeagle Ranger LTD BCD is super functional.

Comfort: 10

Overall, the Zeagle Ranger LTD BCD is very comfortable, especially thanks to the plethora of adjustable straps, but it is very heavy.

Price: 8

The steep price of this particular BCD is not exactly a selling point.

What We Like

What we like about the Zeagle Ranger LTD BCD is how versatile it is. The fact that it can accommodate single and dual air tank setups, and that various components can be changed out for others, is a really big deal. In terms of versatility, it’s one of the best options out there.

Additionally, the ease of use and user-friendliness of this unit really stands out, not to mention its extreme durability. Finally, it’s a highly adjustable unit in terms of size and fit, another bonus to think about.

What We Don’t Like

Something which we don’t really like about the Zeagle Ranger LTD BCD is that it is quite heavy. This is definitely not a portable or travel-friendly BCD that you can just sling on your back and walk around with. There’s also the fact that it’s very expensive.

Who Should Buy the Zeagle Ranger LTD BCD?

The Zeagle Ranger LTD BCD is designed for the serious diver who needs a high-quality unit. Now, keep in mind that this BCD is quite expensive, and while is definitely not cheap, it also comes with levels of functionality, durability, and comfort, which are hard to find with many comparable units.

What needs to be said over everything else is that the Zeagle Ranger LTD BCD is designed for those who need a highly customizable buoyancy control device.

Overall Score


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Zeagle Ranger LTD: FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes are available?

How do I choose the right size?

Is the Zeagle Ranger LTD BCD built for side mounting?

The Bottom Line

When all is said and done, if you are an avid diver looking for a super high-quality BCD that will withstand all sorts of punishment and the test of time, the Zeagle Ranger LTD BCD is a prime option to keep in mind. Sure, it’s expensive, but you also get what you pay for.

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