Scubapro Jet Fins Review: Time Tested Performance

The Scubapro Jet Fins has been around since 1965 and is still considered by many divers to be one of the best dive fins you can buy today.

These pair of fins are used throughout the world by the military and a favorite of many commercial and professional divers alike.

In this Review of the Scubapro Jet Fins, you will find out why they are still one of the most popular fins on the market today. As well as,  our rating and what we like and didn’t like about them.

Scubapro Jet fins Black


Our Score:

Overall Score
Design 07/10
Functionality 08/10
Durability 10/10
Price 7/10
  • Vented design reduces drag and increases performance
  • Performs great with all types of fining technique.  
  • Durable, these are very tough fins 
  • Very Heavy, not ideal for traveling
  • standard adjustable fin straps with no quick release (Spring Strap versions are available) 

The Scubapro jet fins have been around for decades and the reason is, they simply work. A simple vented design help reduce drag whiles increasing power and performance. They are also very durable and tough as nails.

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Scubapro Jet Fins Review Video

So, why are these pair of fins been around for so long? In the video below done by, you can get a closer look at the Scuba Pro Jet Fins and some of its main features.

Scubapro Jet Fins Key Features:

Vented Blade System

Vents in the blade,  just below the foot-pocket, allows water to flow through the blade, reducing drag on the weaker upstroke, while enhancing trust and power on the down stroke.


Durable Construction

The Jet Fins are molded from one piece of rubber which makes them very durable and vertically indestructible.  This will cut down on any maintenance that you will have to do on these fins, or the likely hood that you might damage them.

Compact Fin Design

Measuring only 21.8 inches the fin feature a very short blade. However, it is quite wide compared to other fins allowing them to still deliver all the power of standard size fins.

Standard Fin Straps

A simple but very effective fin strap on the side of the fins keeps your foot snug and secure in the foot pocket. 


Foot Pocket

Open Heal

Blade Style





7.4 Lbs a Pair


21.8 Inches 

How Does It Stack Up?



Vented design is a little out dated but still performs great. The buckle system could be upgraded.



The Scubapro jet fins work great with any fining style and deliver plenty of power.



These are tough as nails and virtually indestructible. They will  last for decades.



They are still quite expensive for what they are. 

Overall Score

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What We Like

One of the things that we like about the Scubapro Jet fins is its simplicity and its ability to still deliver great performance.  They are a proven classic and many divers still swear by them. 

We also liked that they’re negative buoyant which actually help keep your foot down, and the fact that they are short makes maneuvering in confined spaces quite easy. 

If you like these fins, prepare to have them for a long time. Many divers who bought these fins decades ago are still diving with them today. A testament to there durable construction. 


What We Don’t Like

Compared to modern fin design, the Scubapro Jet fins are short, broad and stiff requiring you to be in good swimming condition to get the most out of them. They will “jet” you through the water if you have the strength they demand. So, if you have a bombed leg or ankle, I would not recommend these fins.

It comes equipped with standard adjustable fin straps with no quick release which can also be a pain.  For easier donning and doffing you can opt to buy the jet fins with the spring straps.

Weighing in at 5-7 lbs, these fins can be quite heavy, and might not be the ideal travel fins. However, some divers like them so much they still find a way to travel with them.  

Who Are These Scuba Fins Designed For?

The Scubapro Jet Fins are generally recommended for advanced recreational divers or technical divers.  They can deliver the power needed to push more dive equipment through the water.

They also work great with many finning styles including frog kick and flutter kick, and being negatively buoyant can be advantageous when diving in a dry suit or when minimizing weight requirements. The short blade also makes it great for maneuvering in confined spaces like caverns and wrecks. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Do these fin come along with spring straps?

Can you use these fins in both warm and cold water?

Are these fins available in any other colors beside black?

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is, If you are looking for a pair of durable fins that delivers power,  then look no further than the Scubapro jet fins. There is a reason why this pair of fins has been around for so long and is used by so many diving professional and military worldwide, they simply work.

Do you own these fins? Do you have any experience with them? let us know what you think about them in the comments below. 

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