Sherwood Triton Review: Classic Design With Modern Materials


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Are you looking for a new pair of scuba fins, but don’t want to spend a lot of money? Sure, you might like the idea of scuba diving, but nobody knows until they actually do it.

The Sherwood Triton Fins are a good option to keep in mind if you are a beginner and need a decent pair of fins. While they are not the fanciest or most advanced option out there, they also won’t totally kill your budget. Being able to find fins that work for you and won’t eat through your cash is a pretty big deal.

Sherwood Triton Scuba Fins

Manufacturer: Sherwood

Our Score:

Overall Score

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  • Not much drag help combat fatigue and cramps
  • Work to increase thrust and lift provides lots of energy transfer
  • Comfortable foot pockets with easy on and off Strip/buckle system 
  • Not ideal for Large/heavy people
  • Straps/buckles can be a little more durable

A very affordable pair of scuba diving fins to go with, the Sherwood Triton Fins come with a great mix of quality, functionality, and cost-friendliness. They may not be the most advanced or fanciest of all scuba fins out there, but they get the job done. It is surprising to see how high quality these fins are considering their low price. If you are a beginner or occasional scuba diver, you should check out the Sherwood Triton Fins.

Sherwood Triton Review: Video

The guys over at ScubaLab did a quick review of the Sherwood Triton Fins. In the video, you can get a closer look at some of the fins’ key features as well a peak of them in action underwater.

Sherwood Triton Review: Features and Benefits


One of the best features of the Sherwood Triton Fins is that they are positively buoyant. If they happen to come off, at least they will float instead of sinking, making them easier to find if you lose hold of them.


Great Materials 

The Sherwood Triton Fins are made of high-quality thermoplastic polyurethane, which makes them fairly durable and quite stiff. Being stiff is good because it helps to increase thrust. That being said, they do have a decent amount of flex, which is combined with a good memory to make the fins snap back into place quickly.


Triple Vents

Without a doubt, the best feature of these fins is that they feature triple vents between the blades and the foot pockets. These vents help to increase thrust and lift on the down kick, thus making you faster and less fatigued. At the same time, on the up kick, the vents help to decrease drag. It’s a great addition to any pair of scuba fins.

Comfortable Foot Pockets

We like the high comfort level of the open-heel foot pocket which the Sherwood Triton Fins come with. The foot pockets are ergonomically and anatomically designed for a maximum level of comfort. They also help to transfer power to the blades for optimal thrust. Moreover, the easy-to-adjust clips and the bungee straps make these fins easy to put on and adjust.


Sherwood Triton Fins: Specification

Foot Pocket

Open Heal

Blade Style





3.9 Lbs/1.77Kg a Pair


25.5 Inches Size  Regular

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Sherwood Triton Review: Our Rating

Design: 7

We really like the design of these fins, especially the vents. There are some minor improvements that could be made, but for the low price they come in at, we really can’t argue

Functionality: 7

For what these fins are meant for, they definitely work well. That being said, they are not exactly designed for really demanding waters.

Durability: 8

These fins could always be more durable. The should last for quite a while, but they probably can’t handle too much prolonged stress.

Price: 10

Considering everything that the Sherwood Triton Fins come with, the price is extremely reasonable.

What We Like

We really appreciate the venting that the Sherwood Triton Fins come with. This is an excellent addition that helps increase thrust, lift, and power transfer, while also minimizing both drag and fatigue.

The fact that these fins are made of a fairly stiff, yet slightly flexible material also helps. We like that these fins are of a fairly high quality but aren’t going to cost you a massive fortune. They are great for beginners and occasional scuba divers. There is also the fact that they float, which helps in case they happen to come off.

What We Don’t Like

They are not the most advanced fins out there and they are not great for very large and heavy people. While they are fairly stiff, they don’t perform too well for very large people. The fact that they are only ideal for smaller people is a bit of a drawback as well.

Who Should Buy These Fins

The Sherwood Triton Fins are great if you are a beginning scuba diver. They are a nice option to go with thanks to a few of their key features. They are not bad fins by any means, but they are also not the most advanced.

The Sherwood Triton Fins are a very cost-effective option for anybody who doesn’t want to invest in the most expensive scuba gear right from the get-go. Essentially, these fins work great for most people, except those scuba diving in really demanding waters.

Overall Score

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these fins ideal for demanding water?

Will I get tired quickly with these fins?

Do I need to wear dive boots with them?

The Bottom Line

In terms of the best scuba diving fins out there, the Sherwood Triton Fins are great for occasional users and beginners alike. While they might not be the best option for seasoned veterans, diving in demanding waters, the low price they come in at, there is really nothing to complain about.  So check them out.

Do you own these fins? Do you have any experience with them? let us know what you think about them in the comments below. 

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