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The Oceanic ProPlus X won the 2017 Testers Choice Award for console computers from ScubaLab, and it’s easy to see why. With its easy functionality, crystal-clear display, and long battery life, the Oceanic ProPlus X offers everything a diver needs in a simple, streamlined unit that is easy to use and keeps crucial information at your fingertips.

The unique dual-algorithm feature of the ProPlus X is ideal for diving with a friend because it allows you to choose either the Pelagic DSAT or Pelagic Z+ decompression algorithm. This choice of algorithms means that you can set the ProPlus X to calculate ascents that match those of your companion, keeping you together regardless of which dive computer your friends are using.

The dual-algorithm feature is also perfect for instructors, who work with students with different gear, and have to keep themselves and their students safe during ascent.

Overall Score:



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  • Intuitive menu and functions
  • Incredibly easy to see and to read
  • Dual Algorithms are an excellent feature
  • Expensive, might be out of the reach for most divers
  • Lacks more advanced technical functions

The Oceanic Pro Plus X  ditches the simple black-and-white version to offer a vibrant color display with a new easy to use four-button menu navigation. Although it might lack more technical features, the ease of use, crisp graphics, and useful features of the Oceanic ProPlus X make it a popular choice among both new and experienced divers.

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Oceanic Pro Plus X Review Video

The Oceanic Pro Plus X was put through its paces by the guys over at ScubaLab.  In the video below you will find out why this dive computer got the Tester Choice in the dive computer tests for 2017. 

Oceanic Pro Plus X Key Features:

Display and interface

The display boasts a vibrant color screen that offers excellent readability underwater, with a thin film transistor that preserves battery life. The four-button operation and navigation of on-screen menus are so logical and easy to understand that many divers barely need to use the manual.

Dual Algorithm

Not only does the choice of Pelagic DSAT or Pelagic Z+ allow divers to choose which algorithm is right for them, but it also allows divers to match their dive profile to those of companions using different dive computers. With the ProPlus X, divers can stay with their buddies for longer.

Oceanic Pro Plus X Review: Specs

Computer Type


Display Type


Air integration

Nitrox Compatible

Gas Switching

4 Mixes

PC Interface Compatible

USB and Bluetooth 4.0

Integrated Compass

User Changeable Batteries


Free Dive Mode

Trimix Mode

Rebreather  Mode

Our Rating: Oceanic Pro Plus X

How does it Stack up?

Design: 10

Excellent display, crisp graphics, easy 4 button navigation.

Functionality: 6 

Strong capabilities, but without some of the more advanced technical functions of other dive computers.

Ease-of-use: 10

Logical menus and simple settings make it easy to use without relying on the manual.

Price: 5

Extremely expensive for the feature set.

What We Like

The ProPlus X is incredibly easy to use, easy to operate, and easy to read in all conditions. The twist-and-go quick disconnect feature allows you to keep the ProPlus X safe between dives, and Bluetooth 4.0 quickly transmits data to the DiverLog app.

What We Don’t Like

The biggest drawback for the Oceanic ProPlus X is the price. It’s among the most expensive dive computers on the market, and yet lacks some of the advanced features and capabilities of lower-priced competitors. While it is an outstanding dive computer, and arguably the best console model available, the price is a reason to pause and rethink. If a diver needs advanced technical capabilities and custom features, there are other highly technical dive computers available at a lower cost. If a diver wants a simple computer that is easy to understand and operate, there are other simple dive computers available at a much lower cost.

Overall Score


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Who Should Buy The Oceanic Pro Plus X?

The design of the ProPlus X tends to elicit strong opinions among divers. Some people feel that wrist computers are easier to monitor while keeping your hands free during a dive. Others feel that console designs are easier to operate with larger buttons and that consoles give more accurate compass readings. And some divers don’t like air integration with a hose, due to the risk of mechanical failure, while some feel that it’s more reliable by not relying on wireless data signals. These questions attract compelling arguments for and against console dive computers.

However, for those who prefer a console dive computer, and who want enough information to make their dive enjoyable and safe, the Oceanic ProPlus X is one of the best on the market. The excellent display, easy use and intuitive interface, and ability to choose algorithms to make this an exceptionally popular model for beginners and more experienced recreational divers. And instructors love it when working with students.

The Oceanic ProPlus X doesn’t offer many of the advanced features that technical divers need, and yet it is priced above many of the most technically advanced dive computers on the market.

Oceanic Pro Plus X: FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it come with a hose?

How big is the Screen?

How many dives can I get on a single charge?

The Bottom Line

There is no doubt that the Oceanic ProPlus X is an excellent dive computer. Reviewers love the exceptional display and the easy, intuitive interface.  However, the purchase price warrants some additional consideration about whether this is the right model for either new or experienced divers. It’s a fantastic investment for instructors who require the dual algorithm feature, but other divers may want to wait until the price comes down or consider whether it’s a good investment for them.

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